Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Peter Troxler

Peter Troxler will talk about his work at fab*education!

Peter Troxler is an independent researcher at the intersection of business administration, society and technology. His interest and expertise are 
 ... in the overall architecture and design of the social, technological and commercial aspects of enterprises,
 ... in the application of technologies (particularly Internet and digital, Web 2.0 technology) in organisation design,
 … in the development of lateral, heterarchical and community-based organisations.
Currently, Peter's main focus is investigating and developing business models of open source anything – design, hardware, inventions – and the corresponding formats and lateral ecologies of innovation and co-creation.  

Specifically, since 2008 Peter is involved in setting-up Fab Labs and developing Fab Lab communities.
Peter holds a Dr. sc. techn. in Industrial Management (PhD), working at the interface of industrial psychology and management science, and a MSc in Operations Management from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He has ben working as a consultant with a variety of customers from industry, non-profit organisations, charities and the public sector; he has worked as senior project manager and producer in media and arts organisations; and he has held technology transfer positions in a Swiss government programme and at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

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