Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Satoshi Morita

fab*education proudly presents:

Satoshi Morita  - Sonic Helmet -               

Moritas artwork sonic helmet deals with the issue of intersensory sonic perception. It enables to experience sound composition through the sense of hearing as well as through the sense of touch.

The sound is played around the head, during the vibrotactile stimuli are mediated directly to the skull. The sound diffuses not only in horizontal, but also in vertical dimension. This provides unique auditory imaginary space to the audience. The vibrotactile stimulation supports another layer of sonic reality in the physical sense. By this means, the multi-modal aspect of the sound can be experienced intimately.

This work welcomes musicians and composers to create a new sound piece.
Artists who contributed previously to this project are:

PumPen feat. Mieko Suzuki (DE/JP),

Kyoka (JP), Helmut Mittermaier (DE), Oliver Peters (DE), Heidrun Schramm (DE) and Nicolas Wiese (DE)

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