Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Keimpe de Heer from Waag Society’s Creative Learning Lab / Amsterdam is supporting fab*education !

In the symposium in june Keimpe will give an overview of the dutch FabLab-Community and his experience with FabLab in education.

Keimpe de Heer is director of Waag Society’s Creative Learning Lab. In this role Keimpe is responsible for program development and the strategic and organizational outline of activities in the Creative Learning Lab, the educational department of Waag Society.

In addition to his work for the Waag Society, his own company Extelligentsia seeks to develop new concepts by forging interdisciplinary links between various fields to knowledge. Complimentary to his work, Keimpe is board member of the foundation Fablab Benelux, this foundation governs the Fablab network in the Benelux. MIT’s global Fablab (Fabrication Lab) is a network of standardized open hardware setups with i.e. laser cutter’s and 3D printers. People from all over the world use Fablabs to create and develop their own ideas and solutions.

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